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Logo Branding Options

At Express Wear, the way you (and your brand) look is important to us.

This is why we employ only quality decoration techniques to ensure your brand and image is showcased in the best possible way.

The Express Wear range is available exclusively through Promotional Product, Corporate Apparel and School Uniform Resellers ~ please ask for us by name

Premium Embroidery

Embroidery is the creation of images and logos on material with a succession of strategically placed stitches using coloured thread.

As a result, this decoration technique is costed based on the number of stitches used to create the image. This will be influenced by overall size and detail of the branding being applied.

A maximum of 9 thread colours per embroidery position/location is standard. Please enquire if you require more colours.

Due to this technique using solid colour threads, images with graduated shading are not suitable for embroidery.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours are generally used as a reference to ensure embroidery colour accuracy.

Whilst we acheive amazing detail on our embroidered garments - we suggest that text be kept to a minimum height of 5mm, and width of 3mm, to ensure legibility.

Express Wear can deliver custom made embroidered clothing to Australian Capital Cities in as few as 2-3 weeks from all approvals.

Our range of embroidered products can be found here 

Amazing embroidery on Promotional Hoodies by Express Wear

Sample of detailed embroidery on a Performance Fleece Hoodie

(Please click the image for a bigger view in a new window)

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sub is the process of printing your artwork design directly into White polyester fabric using specialised Textile printing equipment and inks.

The print is then bonded directly to the fabrics fibres using heat and pressure. The resulting image is durable, vibrant and soft to handle. (There are no "stiff" areas as the ink doesnt sit on the surface of the fabric, it also wont crack and can't be picked off)

Express Wear only use the best quality Japanese print technology to produce this type of decoration.

Using the CMYK print method, the print process can not guarantee PMS colour matching (But we will do our best to get as close as possible)

Complex shading and photographic images can be used in dye sublimated designs, provided they are of good quality,

As we print the fabric before it is cut to create your garment, we can custom print the entire garment, enabling up to full garment print coverage with huge creative possibilities. Dye Sub printing is generated digitally, so it is perfectly suited to personalising apparel with names and numbers.

Dye Sublimation inks are translucent - so are best printed on white 100% polyester fabric to ensure accurate, bright colours. Whilst we can print on other light coloured fabrics, colour accuracy can not be guaranteed.

Express Wear can deliver custom made dye sublimated clothing to Australian Capital Cities in as few as 2-3 weeks from all approvals.

Our range of products with Dye Sublimation can be found here

Dye Sublimation Print Sample on Breathe Easy Poly Mesh Promotional Polo Shirt by Express Wear

Dye Sub print on a Breathe Easy Poly Mesh Polo Shirt

(Please click the image for a bigger view in a new window)

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a series of fine screens (or mesh stencils) to lay ink onto the surface of your garment. 

Multiple screens are alligned (or registered) to ensure precise replication of your logo and brand artwork.

The Spot colour inks can be Pantone matched to replicate your brand colours. (We do not screen print on CMYK, sorry)

Due to the process, complex shading and photographic images are not possible.

Traditionally the process was called silkscreen printing because silk was used to create the mesh.

Once the design is complete, it is cured in a dryer to increase resillience.

Our standard screen printing size is up to A4 size. We can provide bigger screen prints, but also suggest looking at Dye Sublimation if larger prints are required.


Our range of Hybrid clothing includes a mix of Dye Sublimated printing as well as Embroidery and/or Screen Printing.

They also incorporate a mix of fabric colours. White (For the Dye Sublimation panel/s) and your choice of Pot Dyed material colours, of the same weave/style, for the rest of the item.

Normally Dye Sub apparel can't be embroidered as the embroidery needle pulls through the underlying white fabric.

Our Hybrid garments have only selected panels decorated with Dye Sublimation -  The rest of the item (being made of Dyed Fabric) can then have embroidery or screen printing applied as needed.

This mix of manufacturing processes also allows for options like Knitted Collars and Cuffs if desired.

Express Wear can deliver custom made hybrid clothing to Australian Capital Cities in as few as 2-3 weeks from all approvals.

Our range of hybrid branded products can be found here